Whoa! Your cakes are expensive! (Do you offer discounts?)

Yes, yes they are, especially when compared to a sheetcake you could easily find at Costco. However, I firmly believe that my cakes are expensive because they are worth it. Real, high-quality ingredients go into each of my creations, including nothing but eggs, butter, and sugar in my Swiss Meringue Buttercream, and locally-grown and –milled flour that I pick up myself in the Skagit Valley in my cakes. I make all of my batter, frosting, ganache, and fillings in small batches, to order, by hand. Each one of your orders is truly custom-made and I handle the entire process from order-taking to delivery. Trust me, the price tag is worth it.

With that being said, I do offer a 10% discount to all firefighters, law enforcement officers, and past or present military personnel. Thank you for your service, sisters and brothers.

Caroline Garriott